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San Francisco Real Estate September 2021 Report
San Francisco house & condo prices, supply and demand trends, luxury home sales, market seasonality, Bay Area and SF home price maps, and macroeconomic factors
San Francisco Real Estate July 2021 Report
The second quarter of 2021 continued to see extremely high buyer demand competing for a limited inventory of listings for sales. Condo sales volume hit a new high. Luxury home sales also hit a new peak. However, market activity did begin to slow in June, down from spring selling season highs, whi...
San Francisco Real Estate June 2021 Report
Condo sales volume hits new peak; luxury condo and house sales hit new highs; inventory of listings declines amid heated demand: Another ferocious spring selling season in San Francisco.
San Francisco Real Estate May 2021 Report
San Francisco Real Estate March 2021 Report
The Spring market began in January and continues to accelerate
San Francisco Real Estate February 2021 Report
High Demand Gets 2021 Off to a Heated Start
2020 San Francisco Market Overview
A Year of Extremes
San Francisco Real Estate December 2020 Report
San Francisco Real Estate November 2020 Report
House & Condo Market Dynamics Dramatically Diverge
San Francisco Real Estate October 2020 Report
7 Months after the Pandemic Struck
San Francisco Real Estate September 2020 Report
Despite the terrible fires, SF had a very active month in listings going into contract in August, hitting a high point for the year and matching the high points of recent years.
San Francisco Real Estate August 2020 Report
Within San Francisco, supply and demand conditions have diverged dramatically between house and condo markets, with the latter being far weaker and rapidly climbing into "buyer's market" territory.
San Francisco Real Estate July 2020 Report
Median house sales price hits new monthly high
San Francisco Real Estate June 2020 Report
Supply & demand statistics, median sales price trends, sales and values by city district, the luxury home market, and the ongoing effects of COVID-19
San Francisco Real Estate May 2020 Report
Market activity begins to tick up after severe shelter-in-place plunge. No decline in median home prices. Interest rates hit new low.
San Francisco Real Estate April 2020 Report
This report will look at the effect of the crisis on supply and demand by reviewing week by week statistics, sales price trends reflecting the market before the crisis, and longer-term trend data to give context to how the market typically performs at this time of year.
San Francisco Real Estate March 2020 Report
One positive for real estate is that mortgage interest rates hit a historic low in early March.
Bay Area Real Estate February 2020 Report
Most of the materials in this report reflect overall trends for the entire region.
San Francisco Real Estate January 2020 Report
Overall, house prices have out-appreciated condos over the past 7 years due to 2 factors.
San Francisco Real Estate December 2019 Report
Based on the calculations of an algorithm created to track long-term price changes.
San Francisco Real Estate November 2019 Report
A crystal clear illustration of the role of seasonality in the SF real estate market.
San Francisco Real Estate
Neighborhood House & Condo Prices; Short-Term & Long-Term Appreciation Trends; Population Migration In & Out of the City.
San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate Markets Survey
When calculating these rates, results can vary enormously depending on the year the calculation begins with.
Housing Affordability in the San Francisco Bay Area
Affordability Percentages, Household Incomes, Interest Rates, Rents & Homelessness. August 2019 Report – including 30 illustrative charts.
CoreLogic S&P Case-Shiller Home Price Index Update
The CoreLogic S&P Case-Shiller Home Price Index does not evaluate median sales price changes...
How did the spur of IPOs impact Bay Area housing markets?
But, what did that mean for the Bay Area housing markets in the second quarter? Below is a list of the top four trends...
SF Multi-Family Residential Market – Compass Commercial
It is impossible to know how any of these sales or statistics apply to any particular property without a specific, tailored comparative market analysis.
San Francisco Bay Area Home Prices by City, Town & Selected City Neighborhoods
An interesting 2019 so far: Stock markets have hit new peaks; interest rates hit multi-year lows.
San Mateo Real Estate Q2 Report – Compass
The market typically begins to slow down for summer after the spring selling season ends.
June U.S. Jobs Report: Continued strength lowers expectations of Fed cut in July
As all eyes are on the Federal Reserve and their anticipated actions in the upcoming...
California on track for longest job expansion in recorded history
With 282,700 jobs added over the last year, the 1.6 percent pace of employment growth lines up...
Plenty of Bay Area buyers, but why are they hesitant?
Furthermore, while buyer competition is not at the same level as last summer.
Compass May 2019 Bay Area Real Estate Update
While overall Bay Area pace of sales in May still trends 2 percent below last year’s levels.
30+ Years of Housing Market Cycles in the San Francisco Bay Area
On the other hand, negative shocks can appear with startling suddenness, triggered by unexpected economic, political or even ecological events that hammer confidence.
Santa Clara County Real Estate June 2019 Market Report
The luxury home market is fiercely seasonal with sales volume typically peaking in May or June.
June 2019 San Francisco Market Report
Market activity typically begins to significantly slow for the summer, hitting its mid-year low in August.
CoreLogic S&P Case-Shiller Home Price Index Update
The CoreLogic S&P Case-Shiller Home Price Index does not evaluate median sales price changes...
San Mateo County Real Estate Spring Market Heats Up, But It’s Cooler than Spring 2018
With April’s end, we now have 2 months of spring season data unaffected by market activity at the end of 2018...
Jobs Report: California sees largest monthly gain in two years
California added 46,000 jobs in April – the largest monthly gain since March 2017.
Bay Area housing market shifting in anticipation of IPO demand
Overall, number of homes under contract in April increased 9 percent compared to last April with most all regions seeing the annual jump.
March U.S. Jobs Report: Are we in a Goldilocks Economy?
Wage growth has inched up, 0.1 percent, in line with expectations, but still relatively subdued at this point of the labor market cycle.

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