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"Eva & James are nothing short of amazing. We got to know them when they were selling our neighbor's unit downstairs and were so impressed with their work that we immediately called them 2 years later when we started thinking about putting our condo on the market. In the months leading up to our listing, they shared comps and market analyses so we could be as educated as possible. Once we purchased our new home (outside the Bay Area) things needed to move fast and they delivered. We were initially nervous about waiting to list until after we moved so they photographed our home for an 'off market' listing as we got ready to move. Then from the day we moved out they were in with cleaners, painters, photographers, and stagers and got us up on the market in just days. They even did some small repairs and upgrades in that short amount of time. They have great contacts at reasonable prices who really delivered on our schedule. Given there are no open houses allowed, they communicated out our listing to their expansive networks and generated buzz which resulted in many showings in the first week. In this extremely challenging market, they were honest, transparent, realistic, and communicative which we so appreciated. They are extremely knowledgeable and guided us every step of the way and ultimately got us a fantastic offer on our place. With Eva & James, you don't have to worry about a thing - they will keep you posted and proactively let you know about any upcoming actions. They made the process as painless as possible and we would highly recommend them and be happy to work with them again."

Seema C. | San Francisco, CA

"Last month, we worked with Crystal and James to buy our first home in SF and the process could not have been more smooth or successful, especially considering that open houses were still on hold as a result of the Covid situation. Crystal led the day-to-day effort, really listening to us and figuring out what we wanted, and then taking the time to pass along listings that fit the bill and quickly setting up appointments when we saw something that looked promising. Without fail, she was proactive, insightful, and extraordinarily responsive. One of the most important things for us was that we never for a moment felt pressured, and I can't emphasize enough how much we appreciated her calm demeanor throughout the entire process. When we found the place we really liked, it was invaluable to have both her and James working together as a team to develop a negotiating strategy. While my wife and I were chomping at the bit to close, James and Crystal calmly talked us through the process, provided guidance, and we ended up successfully closing and saving some money in the process. They are a great team and complement each other exceptionally well. Thanks to you both!"

Nicholas G. | San Francisco, CA

"I'd been looking to buy my first place in San Francisco for a couple years and spoke with several agents before a friend introduced me to James and Eva in the summer of 2017. Admittedly, I was skeptical about the value of Realtors in a market that's as hot as San Francisco where bidding wars over fixers are the norm. My experience with The SF Team changed that opinion and proved to me just how much of a difference good agents can make. Over the next few months, I'd see properties online and we'd go back and forth via email or phone over what the pros and cons of each were. They were responsive, patient, and meticulous. Not once did they try to rush me into putting in offers just so they could close quickly and move on. They requested and read through each disclosure packet, catching and explaining details that other Realtors would have casually dismissed as "standard." I was about ready to call it quits for the year, as new listings postings were starting to slow around November, when something promising popped up in the Castro on one of the real estate apps. It looked nice, but they always do in the photos. Not expecting much, I went to check it out with a friend, and was wowed. The one complication was that it was a TIC. I contacted James and Eva about the property and they got in touch with the seller's agent to get initial impressions about the property. While we were waiting for responses, they guided me through the additional hoops you have to jump through when buying a TIC versus a condo. Over the next week at least one of them was with me during every follow-up visit or inspection. As the offer date approached, we talked strategy and numbers, settling on what I felt comfortable paying for that property. The day came, and I put in my first offer (they even proof-read and edited my offer letter). I knew there would be some competition, including one all-cash offer, but to my surprise, my offer was accepted. I think at that point, most agents would have been in a rush to get papers signed and move onto other clients. Not Eva and James. They were scrutinizing every detail through the close of escrow, making sure that nothing was being overlooked. Hell, even after I signed the last of the papers and wired the downpayment, James was checking in with the seller to make sure they were following through on their commitments. It was above and beyond what I expected. I can't emphasize enough how if it weren't for their expertise, the offer and negotiation process wouldn't have been nearly as manageable. It was abundantly clear that they not only wanted to get me what I wanted for a price that I'd feel good about, but they were also looking out for my long-term interests. When you're a single first-time home buyer looking in an incredibly competitive market like San Francisco, it can be daunting to say the least. I'm very grateful that I had two seasoned professionals watching my back from start to finish and I can't recommend them enough."

Eric M. | San Francisco, CA

"James and Eva did the impossible - they got me into contract on a beautiful Pacific Heights home before the condo even went on the market! I can honestly say that I would not be living in my home without them. I can think of no better partner in this crazy San Francisco market. My process was as follows: James and Eva got to know my taste during the first couple weeks of working together - they showed me a range of condos and educated me on the housing market. They took all my input and provided terrific advice when I needed guidance. James and Eva then did all the hard work. They went to open houses every week and weekend and kept me updated with their findings. They also looked off-market and kept me informed of those opportunities. They cast a wide net and distilled the vast San Francisco housing market to a few options that fit my home preferences. James and Eva then found the perfect home for me before it even went on the market. We looked at it Friday morning and by the afternoon we had submitted a bid. James and Eva worked tirelessly during a holiday weekend to ensure that our bid was accepted. They put their personal plans on hold until we were 100% in contract. And they didn't overbid - they were very price sensitive on my side. Total superstars! The work didn't stop there! During the escrow process we talked every day, making sure the bank was moving along and the loan would be funded. Again, I cannot overstate how helpful James and Eva were during the home buying process. They are both absolute superstars. I can't imagine a better set of agents and I look forward to one day selling my home with them."

Troy W. | San Francisco, CA

"We hired Eva, James and Ruth to sell our home and we are so thrilled we made the choice to have their team for the job. They were fun to work with, made our life as easy as possible during a move and a home sale, and the result of their marketing efforts was astounding. We chose them because we felt they were right-on in value, and we had similar thoughts on what improvements were needed before the sale. They coordinated a cosmetic kitchen remodel that transformed our country kitchen into a lovely modern showpiece in just under two weeks. They also coordinated painting and staging, all seamlessly, while respecting our requests and budget. The marketing process was like nothing we'd ever seen - they put in 110% - doing a neighborhood brunch, with guest take-away favors, beautiful brochures, and set up a ton of tours, both scheduled and private to make sure every possible client would see our house. They were also extremely particular with their pricing. They didn't just tell us an opinion of value at the beginning, but watched the market and looked at the finished product when the work on our home was complete and made a final decision on pricing in the days before it went on the market, using the most recent comps and looking at what was currently on the market to ensure that we came on at the right price. Thanks to their advise on timing, staging and their marketing efforts, we received 5 offers, all above asking and ended up selling our home for nearly double what it was valued at when we bought it in 2006. They were professional and their experience showed. We highly recommend them!"

John N. | San Francisco, CA

"If I could give more than 5 stars I would - James and Eva are quite simply the best! My husband and I decided back in October we wanted to start looking for a home in San Francisco (very scary) and within 3 months we had closed escrow on our dream condo! I didn't think this was possible in San Francisco, but these two know the market So well and know how to give you an edge against your competitors. In a housing market like San Francisco you need any advantage you can get. I think they were especially good with us being first time home buyers - they spent a good deal of time listening to what we wanted and educating us on all aspects of the process and real estate market, which is so so important. This gave us great peace of mind as first time home buying can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. In addition, they had very helpful resources at their disposal. The condo we wanted was purposely under priced to incite a bidding war and they had great market data and insight into what it would take to make a competitive offer. Lastly I would also add that Eva and James really go above and beyond the call of duty - as others have noted. They were both incredibly responsive throughout the entire process and even acted like personal assistants in some cases. They helped me with scheduling, gave advice on floor staining and Eva even had her husband, who is a contractor, scope out and give rough pricing estimates on potential upgrades we were thinking of doing down the road. If you are looking to buy in San Francisco, these are your people!"

Tara M. | San Francisco, CA

"I worked with Eva and James when selling a property and the experience was so positive, I had no hesitation in calling them again when deciding to buy. I had a good idea what I wanted and saw 60 homes over 6 months in San Francisco, before finding one that I really liked and felt I could call home. When I contacted Eva and James, they were travelling, but still replied to me within hours. I spoke to them on a Monday evening about what I'd seen and the urgency of the offer date - noon that Wednesday! They game me their input and immediately got on it. I met them on Tuesday at the last open house to talk through the homes pro's and con's and offer strategy. By noon on Wednesday, our offer was presented and later that same evening I got the fantastic news that it was accepted. I couldn't believe that they made it all happen in 2 days! They worked round the clock to ensure everything was submitted complete and on-time and were in constant communication via phone, text and email so I always knew what was going on or needed next. This process continued throughout the closing as they stayed a few steps ahead to ensure everything went smoothly. Cool and calm, they listened to all my questions and concerns and explained everything in detail, day or night. Along with being extremely knowledgeable on the San Francisco property market, they are very approachable and easy to talk to, so I will gladly work with them again and recommend to others."

Ray P. | San Francisco, CA

"Because we had such a great experience purchasing our home with James and Eva a few years ago, we had no hesitation about asking them to help us with the sale of our condo. And once again, they delivered in a big way. We had a narrow window from when we moved out to when we wanted to get our condo on the market. James and Eva sprang into action within hours of our leaving our place! They had great contacts with vendors for maintenance/repair and staging (high quality, reasonable prices) and coordinated every last detail perfectly timed to hit our deadlines. They were also invaluable counselors in the process, guiding us in important decisions on how to get the most "bang for our buck" as sellers and how to maximize the value of our home. They worked tirelessly throughout the process and responded in real time to feedback from walk-throughs, making small adjustments and improvements sometimes in a matter of hours! They were always available to us, day and night, and gave us sound advice on the process based on their years of experience in the San Francisco market. They are also hyper organized and made what is typically a chaotic process very calm and smooth. We were so happy with the result and know that our sale wouldn't have been as successful without their attention to detail and commitment to excellence in all that they do. These two really go above and beyond for their clients. Couldn't possibly recommend them more!"

Christina M. | Seattle, WA

"House hunting, in general, could be a stressful endeavor. In San Francisco, it eventually becomes nerve breaking unless one has a fairly large budget. It's difficult not to be emotional and act irrationally, when every house you consider goes at least 20% above the asking price. We were very fortunate to work with James and Eva, as they brought in the voice of reason and calmness to our home buying journey, reducing our anxiety and helping us go through our decision making diligently. James not only helped us to figure out what we really wanted and were willing to pay for, but also supported us emotionally throughout the process, when we felt pessimistic. Additionally, James and Eva have a strong network and knew most of the agents on the other side personally/professionally, which helped us gain insights into buyer expectations and considerations And that helped us to form a game plan for the places we were interested in. In addition to the researching and assessing part of the process, James connected us to a set of professionals for financing and inspections whom we were very happy to work with. Throughout the escrow process, James kept us updated every step of the way and communicated clearly how to efficiently execute the closing on a tight timeline we had. At the end, we purchased a lovely house in Outer Richmond, at one of the our top location of choice, at a price we felt comfortable with."

Kamil R. | San Francisco, CA

"I wish I could give 100 stars! I recently purchased a condo with James and Eva as my buyer's agents. I couldn't have asked for a better team to represent me. They were wonderful in every way. First, they were extremely responsive and informative, when I asked a question, they were back to me very quickly and with an actual full answer, not a short little one sentence text or email. They made sure not only to answer my question but to bring details to my attention that really mattered to me. I trusted them 100% and knew that they represented my interests. They are also two very positive, upbeat and warm people. They never treated me like my "gut instinct" didn't count. They answered all of my concerns and never made me feel like I was asking a dumb question. They gave me their full attention when I needed it. Above all, they helped me achieve my dream! Everyone told me how "impossible" it is to buy a place in San Francisco, I'm a single mom, with an OK but not amazing salary, OK but not super great credit, and I'm certainly no millionaire. Despite these challenges in this market, Eva and James found and helped me buy a great place in a neighborhood we are very happy with, and in the time frame I wanted. I would work with James and Eva again in a heartbeat, and I think that is the best recommendation. Thank you James and Eva!"

Kathleen B. | San Francisco, CA

"My wife and I are still in disbelief at how amazing James and Eva are with their work.. They helped us buy our first home recently and am still in shock how smoothly the whole process went. James found us a home that filled all of our wants/needs. The seller did a price drop and James contacted us almost the moment it happened. James wanted us to see the house prior to them hosting an open house with the new listing price, so we went and saw it that night. Good thing we did because there was another offer that came in right before we were getting ready to submit ours. They knew exactly the right timing, what price to come in at, and the offer package that they drew up were perfect. They helped us win out without getting into a bidding war with the other potential buyer. The seller's agent in escrow, multiple times, mentioned to us how amazing it was working with James and Eva, and how they did an incredible job. They knew exactly what buttons to press, what price to come in at, and put together a flawless offer to win out against the other buyer. We are so appreciative of the dedication they showed us and really helped put us at ease in this process, and would recommend to anyone looking to buy or sell a house in the bay area, to work with them! Thanks again, James and Eva!"

Sean W. | San Francisco, CA

"When we first engaged Crystal to help us buy a home, we had just come off of a series of disappointing bids and rejections the year prior, so we were bracing ourselves for a long renewed housing search. Imagine our surprise when, for our first attempted offer together, Crystal helped us craft us a winning package (in the crazy San Francisco housing market, no less)! Thanks to Crystal and her rare combination of charisma, proactivity, compassion, and killer instinct, we had an unbelievably smooth experience bidding on and purchasing our home. Crystal identified really creative ways to help us improve the attractiveness of our offer (despite some of our financial constraints), tirelessly researched and shared helpful information without our asking, and helped us track details and deadlines (a total blessing with our insane schedules). Her background as an attorney really stood out, given her uncanny detail-orientedness and unfailing responsiveness. We also really appreciated her ability to keep us motivated in moving through the process while provide realistic, practical recommendations. I would recommend Crystal in a heartbeat for anyone that is looking to craft a competitive, successful offer for the Bay Area housing market."

Jessica O. | San Francisco, CA

"To make a long story short, James and Eva came highly recommended to my wife and me from some of our friends and it was probably the best gift these friends could have given us. James and Eva were absolutely essential to the homebuying experience for us. From our initial meeting to the days following our close, they were thoughtful and thorough. As a sales professional myself, I could not help but take notice of how well they listen, which made us feel like we were never pressured into moving outside of our comfort zone in our search for a home (which says a lot in the San Francisco real estate market). After a few months of casually searching, we found a place off market that we wanted to place an offer on. Because of the opportunity, James and Eva made sure we had all of our ducks in a row and were placing the most comprehensively appealing offer, which was accepted! We will absolutely use James and Eva to list our condo when we are ready to sell, as we both trust them implicitly to listen to what is important to us, and to execute on that. Beyond just doing their jobs exceptionally well, they are warm, friendly and fun people! We feel more like friends now than customers!"

Zach M. | San Francisco, CA

"Thank you, James and Eva, for helping us with the sale of our home and making it a quick and stress-free transaction! Living in Southern California, we were introduced to James and Eva from a family member and we could not have been happier with this referral! Not only did they coordinate with a painter, gardener, and hauler to prep the house to go on the market, but they communicated everything clearly from start to finish so that there were no surprises. Well, the only surprise was the ultimate sales price of our home which was far higher than our expectations! Their design ideas, marketing materials, and pricing strategy were truly brilliant and we didn't even have to make a trip to the Bay Area during the whole process! We felt very comfortable leaving almost everything in their hands and the results speak for themselves - 3 offers above asking within 10 days of hitting the market. We give James and Eva our highest recommendation and are forever grateful for their exemplary service and professionalism. In a city inundated with real estate agents, it might be difficult to find the "right" fit. But with the "SF TEAM," you need to look no further."

Westside R. | Los Angeles, CA

"My husband and I still can't believe what a smooth and successful process it was to buy a new home in San Francisco and sell our condo with the SF Team! We truly believe and credit James and Eva for the offer acceptance on our beautiful new home. In this crazy competitive real estate market, James' and Eva's market knowledge and impressive communication with the seller's agent is what got the seller's to even consider us, then choose and accept our offer. We our eternally grateful to James and Eva! Then James and Eva helped prep our condo and make it look amazing! Eva handled the entire process of painting, staging, fixing up (by her awesome contractor husband Sergio), which greatly made our lives easier since we have three young children to also manage. We put all our trust in James and Eva and knew that they could sell our condo well above market value, and they did! We have already recommended the SF Team to many friends and family. James and Eva are incredibly dedicated, honest, diligent, and genuine kind people which is why all their clients love them and how they work so well with all the other agents. We will miss working with them!"

Alissa P. | San Francisco, CA

"Eva and James at The SF Team are phenomenal! We just sold our home through them and feel so grateful both for the painless process and the outcome. We have sold two properties with them (one incredibly tricky TIC in San Francisco and one single family in Marin). We also purchased our Marin home with their assistance. Real estate transactions can be complicated, stressful and scary, but Eva and James' attention to detail, professionalism and work ethic go above and beyond. They're strategic about their approach to each property, understanding the challenges and highlighting the positives. We knew, without a doubt, that they were on our side and wanted what was best for us while simultaneously helping us l understand market dynamics and adjust as needed. We have recommended them to many friends and each of them have had the same, incredible experience. When we move back to the Bay Area from living abroad, they will be our first call. We couldn't be more grateful for their guidance, diligence and friendship. Thank you, Eva and James, for helping us navigate many tough decisions and transitions. You two are the best out there, hands down."

Cheyenne C. | San Francisco, CA

"I met Eva and James about 8 years ago, and knew upon first meeting them - that they were top notch. After meeting nearly 50 agents who couldn't answer most of my questions, Eva and James had answers for everything - and answers that I could trust. They are not about giving you answers you want to hear, but honest, real answers as they look out for your best interest. Unfortunately, I ended up not purchasing a place at that time due to job changes and moving back and forth to San Francisco. So fast forward 8 years later, I finally was ready to buy again in San Francisco, and looked nowhere else but to James and Eva. Eva and James are incredibly diligent, patient and kind. They guided me through the entire process from start to finish, and ensured every subpar design detail in the home was improved upon before they keys were turned over to me. They also introduced me to a fantastic mortgage consultant (Michael Johnson) - who I can't say enough good things about. The entire process was easy easy easy due to Eva and James, along with Michael. Thanks so much for all of your good work - James and Eva!"

Cristina T. | San Francisco, CA

"Working with Crystal was an absolute dream. My wife and I were very nervous about purchasing our first property in the Bay Area and had only a modest budget to work with. Crystal was meticulous in walking us through the whole process. She met with us in person at the outset to get a feel of where we were at and sent us listings that completely matched our criteria. We found our perfect place and put out a bid, scary! She guided us through every step of the process and did a great job getting a sense of where the seller was at. Through her guidance, our bid was accepted! She then created a timeline and helped us check off every box during the closing process! There are so many forms to sign and scary big wires to send and a bunch of other things and she coordinated everything with us! We did two thorough inspections of the property as well. When we met that last time to get the key, it was a dream, and she made it all possible! We feel truly lucky to have worked with her. It was seriously so easy and painless. She puts in so much extra work! Thank you Crystal!"

David W. | Alameda, CA

"My wife and I were looking for our dream home in San Francisco for a while. It was hard to find the right home for the right price, especially in San Francisco. We worked with several different agents, but didn’t feel like we got the attention or responsiveness that we needed. Then we met Crystal. We could instantly see the difference between the care and attention that Crystal gave us and that of our previous agents. Even though she was a relatively new realtor, she showed extensive knowledge of San Francisco neighborhoods and properties. Her legal background was especially helpful while going through all the disclosure documents for properties (hint for new buyers: there are a lot of documents). She didn’t push us to make crazy offers on properties and always advised us to make an offer that we were comfortable with, rather than pushing us to over bid to get a property in a hot market. In the end, we were able to get our dream house in the inner Richmond! We just moved in to our house and love it! We could never have done it without Crystal! We highly recommend her!"

Josh C. | San Francisco, CA

"Wow. Eva and James just nailed it. I was worried about moving out first before selling. But this team executed. Eva's husband is a skilled general contractor and helped fix up our place significantly. Eva and James were a pleasure to work with, were 100% available anytime, they treated our house like a valuable investment and helped us make careful decisions every step of the way. They were organized and thoughtful and stuck to an aggressive sell schedule. Then they had the courage to price on the high end and just marketed the heck out of our property with aggressive chutzpah. The result? Our home sold in a little over 2 months from the second I made the first phone call to Eva (which she returned in 5 minutes by the way) and closed for an all cash offer well over the already aggressive ask price. These two are first class, they genuinely care about the best for their clients. Real estate is personal for them and it is rewarded with fantastic outcomes for all. Very, very, very highly recommended!"

Dell T. | San Francisco, CA

"I could try harder to say amazing things about Eva and James, but i'm not bright enough. They are tenacious, lovely, dedicated people who who know the San Francisco real estate market better by far than any of the other four agents with whom I've dealt over my 16 years there. They work harder (and better) than anyone I could have imagined. Eva was unbelievably understanding, helpful, compassionate, knowledgeable, determined, and just so committed to helping me that it made what could have been a nightmare into a beautiful dream. (Though dream might not be the right word, because I'm not entirely convinced that Eva sleeps. Ever.) Anyway, if you're lucky enough to get Eva and James on your side, just do whatever they say and let it go from there. It will be perfection, and your move (selling, buying, whatever) will be the least of your life's concerns. I'm going to stop there because I'm going to run out of adjectives heaping praise on them."

Paul H. | Charlottesville, VA

"I hired James and Eva as seller's agents for the sale of my property in the Outer Sunset. I could not recommend them more. From the beginning, they communicated frequently and clearly and kept things moving along. They made useful suggestions for cost effective improvements to the property that would increase its value, and then completely oversaw the implementation of those improvements. In addition, I was on a tight timeline and they worked hard to keep to my schedule. Once the property was ready to list, they went above and beyond with their marketing, reaching out to other agents and holding many open houses and viewings by appointment. We ended up with multiple bids during a market that was quickly softening, and closed with a price that was well beyond what we had originally hoped for. Throughout the process, both James and Eva acted with complete ethical integrity. If you hire them, you won't regret it."

Janette C. | Lafayette, CA

"We were very lucky to find James and Eva to help us sell our condo in the Mission. They were nothing short of amazing. The process took about two months to the day and they were there each step of the way. Eva has an amazing talent for making sure the property is presented in the best possible way and helped us get some elements updated, which resulted in a much higher close price than other comps. James was on hand to handle contractual items. They were both super involved and dialed into our success. I set a very aggressive timeline and both of these guys went over and above expectation to deliver. I cannot recommend them enough. You will be privileged to work with them. Professional, smart, detailed orientated, well connected and above all just really amazing business partners on a journey that could be daunting. Hats off to you both!"

David V. | San Francisco, CA

"Eva and James are truly incredible professionals, and in addition, they are also wonderful people who really care about their clients and the work that they do. They perfectly understand the meaning of the word "service" and very often went out of their way to help me with my needs. And this started long before I was ready to put my property on the market. They have lots of experience, so whatever came along, they were able to deal with it rationally and successfully. They were always there to answer my questions, review the options, and find a solution. Very accessible by phone and email. Eva is also an amazing photographer. I did not expect the process to be nearly as smooth and seamless as it turned out to be. I could not have worked with a better team than Eva and James."

Enid P. | Oakland, CA

"Crystal is an outstanding Real Estate Agent. I highly recommend working with Crystal because she is motivated, hardworking, kind and passionate about helping you find the dream home that is right for you. Crystal helped me and my husband purchase our first home in San Rafael. The Bay Area real estate market can be overwhelming but Crystal helped us develop a realistic understanding of what was possible for our budget. Crystal provided excellent guidance and support throughout the whole process including: What to look for at open houses. Weekly listings that matched what we were looking for in a home. How to write a strong letter to the seller. Support in deciding on what a strong offer would be. Guidance through all steps of escrow and closing Crystal is fantastic!"


"The other reviews sum up the situation well - James and Eva are highly talented professionals. They are at their best in tough situations. They go beyond the call-of duty to create opportunities for their clients. They uncover properties before they hit the market and find ways to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. We looked for a while - over a year. We couldn't find a property that matched with us. James and Eva never wavered. They pushed creatively. They changed speeds and directions multiple times. Finally we found the one. Was a competitive situation. It was our first offer on a house. James and Eva crafted a bidding and negotiation strategy. We won at a price below our target. I didn't think such a thing happened in San Francisco. Thanks James and Eva."

Peter R. | San Francisco, CA

"Simply put James and Eva are amazing! As hot as the market is right now, you need as much a competitive advantage as possible and James and Eva are it. My boyfriend and I can't express our gratitude we have for James and Eva in words. With James and Eva's written offer, we beat out 10+ offers including multiple all cash offers and 2 higher offers. We couldn't purchase our home without James and Eva's hard work, timeliness, market knowledge and professionalism. James and Eva made buying our first single family home seamless, we closed escrow in 14 days and we couldn't be happier with our home. If you are currently looking for the next open house your home, don't hesitate because James and Eva is your SF Team!"

Tiffany Y. | San Francisco, CA

"James and Eva are a great team. We have worked with them to sell our home in San Francisco last month and both my husband and I couldn't be happier. From our first meeting to the time we closed escrow James and Eva were on top of everything. They came in prepared to our first meeting and they stayed on top of every detail during the sale process. Their experience and professionalism showed in every step from staging advise, to the offer negotiation, through the closing of escrow. Selling your home is often an emotional and stressful process however because we work with James and Eva, it felt like a walk in the park. That is why we would absolutely work with them again on any real estate transaction."

Lisa K. | Piedmont, CA

"Crystal was incredibly helpful during my first home-buying experience. She proved to be trust-worthy, patient, and extremely knowledgeable throughout the process. Crystal ensured that I felt comfortable every step of the way. As a first time home-buyer, I was very nervous. Crystal took the time to thoroughly explain every component of the home-buying experience. No matter how many questions we had, Crystal would find the time to answer them and make sure we felt comfortable. In the very competitive San Francisco market, Crystal helped us succeed in winning our condo on our very first offer! Crystal is an amazing agent to work with and I would whole-heartedly recommend her!"

Carlee R. | San Francisco, CA

"Selling a property is challenging. Getting it ready for the sale is stressful. Crystal Roberts’ help and advice made the process smooth and stress free. Once I was ready the process was fast and efficient from scheduling the home inspection, photographer and staging. The home was sold in 3 days due to efficient preparation and advertising. Crystal is also a lawyer, I find this a plus considering the many documents to review. Accessibility to Docusign made the process smooth. Overall Crystal was professional, helpful and always offer any help I could use. I highly recommend Crystal Roberts to help you with your real estate needs."

Paula O. | San Francisco Bay Area, CA

"This was my first time through the process of buying a home and Eva and James were unbelievably helpful, knowledgeable, and generous with their time. There are so many small details involved with the process and these two are on top of all of it. They coached my fiance and I through it in a calm and relaxed manner (even when we weren't). When it came to the last few weeks before closing they were so quick to respond at all hours and went the extra mile to get us advice and contacts. I will be recommending them to anyone I know buying or selling a home in the bay area."

Laura W. | San Francisco, CA

"We went with Eva and James to sell our house in San Francisco as they were highly recommended by friends of our who had previously sold their house in the area. Eva and James more than live up to their glowing reviews, they suggested what what needed to be done to prep the house and arranged all the work with great results. They were extremely responsive and accommodating, so everything was about as low stress as it can be when selling a house. We got multiple offers, and were very happy with the final sales price. What more can you ask for? Thank you Eva and James!"

Brendan H. | San Francisco, CA

"This year I started looking for a home with more space, and after multiple great experiences working with them, James and Eva were my first call. As usual they were constantly available with quick responses to any questions I had and invaluable insight about each property I looked at. Similar to my first home purchase working together, my first (and only) offer was accepted, and I couldn't be happier about my new home. Simply put, James and Eva get things done and are an absolute pleasure to work with."

Max K. | San Francisco, CA

"Working with Crystal was an awesome experience. My wife and I had zero experience and knowledge when we started looking for a home. With Crystal’s help we were quickly able to target our search into a smaller area and decide what was important to us. She was with us every weekend we felt like house hunting and answered our emails and phone calls almost immediately! We’d still be looking if it wasn’t for Crystal!"

Aaron S. | San Francisco Bay Area, CA

"Eva and James make a great team. They compliment each other in skill set and personality extremely well. They are very sincere, knowledgeable, and honest. They've made recommendations in a proactive way throughout the process while still listening to our requests along the way. Their professionalism, timeliness, and attention to detail are superb. I highly recommend working with them."

Crystle W. | San Francisco, CA

"James and Eva helped me to find an investment property in San Francisco, and they were wonderful to work with. Super responsive, so knowledgeable about San Francisco property, excellent will all of the legal details. They helped me find an amazing place, and made it so easy for me to work through the whole process. I would recommend them without hesitation, and I hope I can work with them again!"

Alyssa A. | San Rafael, CA

"As we knew she would, Crystal struck the right balance between proactive and considerate, always keeping us informed and ahead of schedule, taking care of upgrades and staging start to finish, and making us feel like her top priority, all in the same month as her wedding! She brought in multiple serious offers and we handily closed above our ask. 100% delighted!"

Brian W. | San Francisco, CA

"Crystal was an amazing partner in the insane process of buying a home in the Bay Area. I know that she probably had other clients, but I never felt like she was too busy to go above and beyond to help us find our new home, and we couldn’t be happier! Crystal was always super fast to respond to my never-ending questions in detail. We felt so lucky to have her!"

Kelly S. | San Francisco Bay Area, CA

"Crystal went above and beyond for my husband and I. She was patient, listened to what we wanted, and then made it happen. We met her in May and we closed on our home in July! If it weren’t for Crystal we would not be moving into our dream home! We feel beyond lucky to have had her help with this process."

Ashley R. | La Honda, CA

"Crystal was helpful and honest with us throughout the home buying process. She walked us through each step and made sure that we were making informed decisions. When we needed her to advocate for us, she did and we ended up getting the house that we both loved!"

Kerry C. | Daly City, CA

"We used Eva and James again to sell the house we bought with them a few years ago. We trusted them and follow their advice and we sold way over the asking price. If you need someone knowledgeable, efficient, friendly and professional, hire them in a heart bit!"

Srn C. | San Francisco, CA

"Crystal was very accommodating and have always been available when we have questions. She definitely has the knowledge and expertise in her field and I rate her with 5 stars. Nice person, always smiling and dependable."

Jerry T. | Daly City, CA

Work With Us

We have over 30 years of combined experience in San Francisco real estate.  With all three of us working for our clients, they receive three times the amount of expertise, attention, and care.  We make the selling and buying process as smooth, stress-free, and enjoyable as possible.  We genuinely care about our clients and work tirelessly to get them the best results.  Contact us to ask any questions and get started.

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